Diggle Nursery Rooms

Caterpillar Room 0-12 months

Maximum of 6 Children (ration 1 adult : 3 children)
The Caterpillar/ Baby Room is a calm, homely environment which caters for babies and their needs to help them progress and develop in stable, comfortable surroundings.

The room follows the Early Years Foundation Stage framework and works closely with the Butterfly/ Toddler room in order for the children to interact with each other and familiarise themselves with other staff members.

The room offers resources needed for babies to learn, explore and develop. The main areas of provision in the Caterpillar/ Baby Room are Physical, Exploratory, Imaginary, Comfortable and Messy/Creative. The room has a variety of sound and texture, stacking and building toys as well as shakers which provide valuable ways of learning through play.

The comfortable area offers somewhere for the children to rest and snuggle and also interact with their key worker and other children to help build relationships. It also has a family wall where the children can take down and look at their own family photos to bring a homely feel to the area.
There is a variety of toys and resources to help aid the development of children who are learning to move. The furniture is at a low level to help those who are learning to pull to stand and walk.
We provide a variety of treasure baskets for the children to explore and also carry out daily messy/creative activities to develop exploration and creativity. Every Child Is A Talker (ECAT) activities are carried out daily to develop language and communication skills.

The routine in the Caterpillar/ baby room is flexible to allow the children to settle in and to enable us to meet their individual needs.

Butterfly Room 12-24 months

Maximum of 12 children ( 1 adult : 3 children)
This modern and homely room is designed for children between the ages of 12-24mths. It enables children to progress in a relaxed and contented environment. The Butterfly/ Tot room provides lots of space and resources needed by the exploring toddlers. The room follows Birth – Five framework and has four main areas:
• Imaginary
• Exploratory
• Physical
• Comfortable

The cosy area is ideal for exploratory, imaginary and physical experiences. The children can explore the toys and resources around them such as the small world toys, exploratory tubs, treasure baskets etc, use their imagination skills in the form of the role play kitchen and the dressing up, and the children can also gain control of their bodies through active indoor and outdoor play.

The comfortable area offers a cosy den where the children can go and relax, listen to stories, sing songs whilst in a group environment, or simply enjoy the comforts individually.The non-slip hard floor area is perfect for the children to explore their creative side and experience all the messy activities we have to offer. The messy activities promote sensory exploration, textured play as well as craft and cooking experiences.
The provisions of the Butterfly/ Tot room coincides with the EYFS framework and provides the following provision area’s to enhance your child’s development: -
• Small world
• Outdoor
• Role play
• Construction
• Sand
• Water
• Messy
• Story/comfy corner
• Sensory area
• Mark making
The toys in each area are changed daily or weekly depending on the next steps from the planning or if the children have initiated they would like a particular toy or activity for that day.
The staff observe spontaneously throughout the day to enable them to plan future learning, activities and experiences.
All resources in the Caterpillar/ Tot room are age and stage appropriate so the children are active and engaged throughout the day.

Ladybird Room 24-36 months

The Ladybird room offers a spacious, modern environment for children aged between 24 – 36 months. The room consists of the following provision areas:
Water, Sand, Malleable, Workshop, Mark Making, Small World, Construction, Role Play, Story Corner and ICT

The layout of the room is similar to the Pre School room in order for the children to have the same experiences but on a much smaller scale. This helps the children when they move up this large scale room. In each area the children have a vast range of resources to promote independence and choice. Toys in each area are changed weekly depending on next steps from individual planning or if the children have initiated they would like something out that day.

The staff observe the children spontaneously throughout the day to enable them to plan future learning, activities and experiences. Outdoor play is widely encouraged in the Ladybird Room and activities are often taken outside throughout the day.

Toileting is introduced in this room and can be encouraged on a one to one basis with the child’s key worker as there is a separate bathroom accessible easily from the room.

The Ladybird room enables the children to slowly start to make choices, choose their own toys, gain confidence, self-esteem and be more independent.

Under the Sea 36-48 months

The Pre School room consists of a large and very spacious and inviting room for children aged three years to attending school. The room consists of the following eleven areas:
Sand, Water, Malleable, Small World, Construction, Role Play, Mark Making, Story Corner, ICT, Workshop, Block Play
The Pre School room offers free play with keyworker and ECAT activities taking place throughout the day.

Staff spontaneously observe the children whilst they are playing in order to assess and plan future activities, experiences and learning. . A member of staff is always present at snack time to encourage conversation, interaction with peers and social interaction with the other children.

Staff supervise children when playing out in the morning and afternoon and will set up activities relating to the planning of individual children.

The staff are very much involved with the children for them to have valuable outdoor experiences. Children are also taken out into the local environment, visiting the park, library, local shops, duck pond, adventure trail and local schools.


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